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Everything you need to take your trading to the next level! Multiple alert types, training, and access to our private Slack community.

Multiple Alert Types

Our alert service offers real-time options trade alerts, real-time chart alerts, and earnings alerts.  Get emails and text messages so you don’t miss any alerts!

Live Webinars And Training

Whether you’re just getting started with trading or you’re a seasoned veteran, our live webinars, articles, and videos will take your trading to the next level.

Private Slack Community

Gain access to our private slack community where we discuss tips and tricks, trade strategies, and more! Talk with us in real-time as we day-trade.

Our Alert Service Is Comprised Of Three Parts

Real-Time Options Trade Alerts

These alerts are trade setups with a goal of achieving a minimum 3:1 reward to risk ratio. With these alerts your entire investment is your risk so it is important to use proper risk management techniques using these alerts. We recommend a maximum of .5% to 1% of your account risked on each trade. These alerts are perfect for beginning traders or traders that work full time jobs but have access to their trading account during market hours to place trades. The alert includes the stock symbol, the strike price and expiration date of the option contract, the type of option (put or call), and the price of the option. With a 3:1 reward to risk the break-even point excluding commissions is a 25% win rate.  We expect a 65% or better win rate with a goal of 80% or better. Be sure to watch our video on how these trade setups are generated and our video on risk management. We trade every one of these setups in our own account.

Real-Time Chart Alerts

These alerts are generated by the charting software. The alerts are sent out before price reaches a point of supply or demand. These alerts are for more experienced traders who will evaluate the charts and make their own trading decisions or for educational purposes for traders that are learning how to trade using supply and demand. We currently have 575 stocks that we chart and hope to get this up to 1250. These are all stocks with options liquid enough for swing trading. The 575 current stocks include all of the weekly options. These alerts can be used to identify swing trades and are also perfect for identifying day trading opportunities. We post videos with an analysis of each alert for educational purposes. Make sure you watch our videos on trading these alerts.

Earnings Alerts

Every day we post a list of stocks from our list that are announcing earnings either after the close or before the close the next day. The charts for these stocks will be updated with the latest supply and demand information. These alerts are useful for options traders and day traders. Make sure you watch our videos on day trading using the earnings alerts and options trading using the earnings alerts.

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Our Training Is Comprised Of Three Parts


Our private members area includes articles that cover all aspects of trading using supply and demand. Everything you need to know about trading using supply and demand is found here. People charge over $17,000 for similar training! All of this training is included for free with your Zone-Trades platform membership.


Our private members area includes videos that cover all aspects of trading using supply and demand. Everything you need to know about trading using supply and demand is found here. We also record our screens while analyzing the chart alerts we receive so you’ll know why we take trades, and why we pass on them!

Live Webinars

Our Zone-Trades platform membership also allows access to Q&A type webinars that are held regularly. Ask any questions you have, learn all about supply and demand, and take your trading to the next level!

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Access To Our Private Slack Group

Your Zone-Trades platform membership includes access to our private Slack group. Ask questions, find day-trading opportunities, and learn from both the team at Zone-Trades as well as the community as a whole. We’re building a community of like-minded passionate traders who want to see each other succeed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You mention that 100% of your investment is your risk. Why don’t you use stops?
Most options instructors will tell you to use “in the money” options when swing trading because the delta is higher and you get closer to a one for one move in the option price with the stock price. There is also less extrinsic value (time value) with “in the money options”. What they don’t tell you is “in the money options” are less liquid than “at the money or slightly out of the money options” and setting stop orders many times doesn’t work. In order for a stop order to execute the option must trade at your stop price or less and then a market order is generated which even compounds the loss. The stock price could also gap against you over night and you will suffer a bigger loss than intended. The biggest reason is by trading with no stops the trade can go against you and then come back before the option expires. We are actually using better risk management with this technique because there is nothing that can happen that will cause you to lose more than the intended risk.
I don’t know anything about options. I only trade stocks. Will this service work for stocks?
Absolutely! The beauty of trading with supply and demand is you have a defined stop. I would still encourage you to learn how to trade options because this lowers your overnight risk and sometimes stocks are not short-able. If you want to trade stocks I would encourage you to make sure you get the chart alerts so you are aware of the trades in advance. You will learn in our training how to apply proper risk management and position sizing using stocks.
Do you provide Forex or Futures alerts?
At this time we are only providing alerts for stocks and options. The techniques you will learn are applicable to all markets. If you only trade Forex or Futures I would recommend signing up for our service for one to two months to learn the techniques. After this time you should be proficient at applying these techniques to Forex or Futures.
What is your refund policy?
All sales are final and no refunds are allowed. This is due to the training we provide being available instantly after logging in. This training alone is worth thousands of dollars.
Do you offer a free trial?
We do not offer a free trial because there is a lot of value in our training which you have access to when you log in.
I am always nervous about signing up for a subscription service and then not being able to cancel. Is it easy to cancel?
You have complete access to cancel your membership from your dashboard when you log in. You can cancel your service at any time from the accounts detail page. You can also contact support at any time to ensure your account has been cancelled.

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Free Access

We’re currently in our final test phase for our alert service.

If you’d like to help test our service out for free before we have a public launch, simply send an email to Kevin[at] with the following information:

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